Special Programs

Preoperative Conditioning For Joint Replacement

Pre-surgical conditioning allows our patients to partner in the success of their surgery by preparing with conditioning and education.


Friday Night Lights

We are proud of our commitment to the safety of this community's athletes. We have been volunteering our services as certified athletic trainers and physical therapists each season for 40 years.

Senior Strength and Conditioning

Individualized programs addressing impairments of balance, strength, and gait are tailored specifically for an older population. We are members of the Napa Valley Fall Prevention Coalition and have expertise in assessments and interventions to maximize senior independence.

The Fall Prevention Program

Napa Valley Physical Therapy is offering an informative class on fall prevention, taught by our knowledgeable staff!

Falls are the most common cause of hospital admissions for trauma amoung older adults. Medical research provides good news for those concerned about a serious fall. Future falls can be reduced by 25-39% in two steps: a Fall Risk Assessment, followed by interventions to address the pertinent findings.